Tobacco Wood Brewing Company is a female, veteran owned and operated brewery in the historic town of Oxford, North Carolina. We have a family friendly atmosphere, great barbecue, and 34 beers and counting! We’ve been in business just shy of a year and the support we have received from the community has been overwhelming.

beer flavors


5.65% ABV

Session Wheat IPA- light and hazy, easy drinking. Bursts with citrus flavor, and finishes with a hint of lemongrass.

Most Moist

7.25% ABV

Double Wheat IPA - the next level of moistness…Respect the Moist.

Kilted Eddie

6% ABV

Decadent stout aged over scotch soaked coffee beans. Full-bodied and rich, with a distinct smoky finish!


6.25% ABV

American Amber Ale- Crisp and refreshing with moderate maltiness and low hop presence. A local must-have.

Tar River’s Revenge

8% ABV

Double Bourbon Porter: Brewed with rose hips and aged on cocoa nibs and Bourbon barrel chips.

Benny’s Wight

5.25% ABV

Belgian Witbier- a pale wheat brew boasting flavors of bitter orange and coriander…finished with a dash of chamomile.

Oft Go A-Rye

8.2% ABV

Belgian Rye Dubbel: Full bodied and rich - distinct notes of caramel and rye, balanced with traditional Belgian strong ale spice and fruitiness.

Sea of Pauls

5.5% ABV

Nut Brown Ale- surprisingly sophisticated…approachably nutty and full of malt character!

Rocket Surgery - Juniper Kolsch

5.2% ABV

Light, crisp and easy drinking with a pleasant hint of piney/citrus juniper sweetness.

Bulletstopper American Golden Ale

5.9% ABV

Our first line of defense! Sessionable and easy drinking with a mild toasty finish.

Carte-Red Ale

6.5% ABV

Red IPA- malty backbone of a traditional red ale hopped up with generous amounts of American hops.

False Motivation

7.1% ABV

Hazy...Juicy...Citra, Mosaic, Azacca. Need I say more?






We pride ourselves on being a family-first brewery with a great love of country and pride for expanding beer culture through education, events, and community outreach. We celebrate the local and state culture, which is embodied not only in our company name and branding, but also in the values that we share with all of our patrons from around the country.

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